I'm obsessed...





With a numerous amount of things, however, Apocalypto is my most recent obsession.

A couple months ago I saw it on IFC and this movie really effected me.

I now have a savage fetish.

I now appreciate south/central/north American natives a lot more.

My fiancée is native amaerican mixed with Ecuadorian native so you know…I think he’s more attractive for whatever reason.

And I want to watch apocalypto againnnnn.

Also, being that I’m so girly with my hello kitty ,bunnies, and Marie Antoinette obsessions (along with kingdom hearts, star trek, and the Beatles) … I can’t help but wonder why the hell I love this movie so much.

Its gory, violent, gritty and…just not my type….but I love it soooo much!

I guess the sexy natives running around in loin cloths helps.

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I hope your fiancée sees this


Absolutely disgusting. How in the hell can you call someone a savage and sexy in the same post? Savage is a complete insult to the cultures and traditions of Native/Indigenous/NDN peoples and I really hope that poor man dodged that bullet BEFORE he married a raging fetishist. I cannot even believe someone would try and pass this off as cute or endearing. Completely nasty.

Savage Fetish?

Seriously, a Savage Fetish

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